What The PuttingLot Suggests for Mini-Golf Course Cleaning

The appearance of mini-golf courses is as important as the creativity of the design and the gear selected. Drawing people in to play can be a challenge. A course with dirt or gravel on the carpet or spider webs on the statues will not see repeat customers regardless of the innovative design features. Suggestions on how to keep mini-golf courses clean are detailed in several articles on The PuttingLot website. The purpose of the site is to help owners improve business, design courses, and select gear, as well as advise those thinking about establishing a course.


Each owner has to consider the size of the course when getting cleaning equipment. A large course will need commercial-grade equipment, while a simple nine-hole course can typically get great results with household products. Attempting to maintain a large course with residential cleaning components will not be cost-effective because the equipment will have to be replaced often. Money will be saved in the long run with the right tools for the job.

Another consideration is whether the course in indoors or outdoors. Both locations present a number of issues. Indoor courses will not require any landscaping maintenance, such as weeding the lawn and flowers or dealing with kicked up gravel but have other difficult cleaning problems. The walls, for example, will need to be cleaned every day to prevent the buildup of dust, particles in the air, and fingerprints. Excellent air quality is essential so system filters will have to be checked and cleaned out frequently.

Outdoor courses will have more debris in and around each feature. Weeds, dirt, and gravel are just the beginning. Bird droppings, nests of small wildlife, and fading of the carpet from the sun are also major challenges to be dealt with on a constant basis. Wear and tear will be worse from the rain and wind, and leaves will have to be removed all season.

Selecting a Vacuum

Some mini-golf course owners sweep the carpets every day and hose them down monthly to keep them looking fantastic. Most will use a robotic vacuum cleaner on the carpets. These can be programmed and left unattended. They are also ideal for odd-shaped spaces. This allows staff to focus on other areas of cleaning, such as wiping prints off those walls or getting gum off the clubs.