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Having straight teeth is just one perk to having a confident smile. There are fewer gum problems and teeth are easier to clean if properly aligned. Teeth that aren’t aligned properly can lead to headaches, but also speech problems. Not only is properly aligned teeth important for speech, but they are also critical when it comes one’s ability to chew and eat. Teeth that are straight and healthy can lead to confidence, a big smile, and a boost in health. The only problem with attaining straight teeth is wearing braces for many years. The orthodontic field, thankfully, has made tremendous leaps when it comes to teeth straightening choices rather than just sticking with old-fashioned dental braces.

An unappealing part of braces, for both adults and teenagers, is how visible they can be. Ceramic braces can provide a different option to traditional braces. These type of braces match the color of teeth, and thus, they are far less noticeable. Ceramic braces can fade or discolor over a period of time, however, if not properly looked after.

Another downside to traditional braces is the pain and discomfort. After braces are routinely tightened, an uncomfortable pressure is added to the teeth. Another type of dental brace system, one that doesn’t use ties, is a bit more popular. An orthodontist will ensure that treatment through the Invisalign aligners is working through a few visits to the office. Invisalign is popular because for various reasons, but removing the aligners when needed is another clear advantage. Invisalign aligners take the hassle out of daily tasks such as eating and brushing teeth because they can be removed easily.

No longer uncomfortable, Orthodontics has gone a long distance from the old-fashioned dental braces and headgear. Every treatment has a set of pros and cons when it comes to alignment. An orthodontist will help steer you in the right direction to fit your needs. The goal with whichever treatment you chose should end with a beautiful smile.

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